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Premium Laser Cut Lake Maps

Our maps feature between 8 thin sheets of wood, each with a progressively darker blue gradient to indicate deeper depths. The ground layer can be a natural light wood color, or a black top layer. The maps are then finished with a 3/4" frame in black, figured pine, cherry, or walnut. The back of the maps have a French Cleat style hanger pre-installed. 

Sizes available are Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, XX Large, and Gigantic. Because every lake is different, the sizes are not standard. The size range estimates are as follows.

Small: 8x12, 10x10

Medium: 12x18, 14x14

Large: 16x24, 18x18

Extra Large: 20x30, 22x22

XX Large 24x36, 27x27

Gigantic: 30x45, 32x32


Black, Blue Stained Pine, Cherry, and Walnut Frames

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Figured Pine?

Figured or also known as blue stained pine or beetle kill pine is gray/blue streaks that run through the boards. It is the result of beetles that kill the tree and then a resulting fungus that spreads throughout the wood. Structurally it has no ill effects and there is zero negative reactions to humans. It will also not spread to any other wood. It is safe and purely cosmetic. Every board is different. Some have knots, others have specks, others are very figured. No 2 boards are the same.

What is the Clear Acrylic Cover?
That is a sheet of clear acrylic that will go over the top of your lake map but sandwiched inside the frame. It is just like a piece of glass on a picture frame but it will not crack or shatter during shipping. This will protect your map and will also prevent dust buildup inside.

Why is my favorite island not on the finished product?

This is on a very per-case basis, but depending on the complexity of the lake and the size of the lake, some islands and humps are just not going to make it. Either they are too small and are burned away during cutting or there is just not enough area for glue adhesion. Or they just fell through the honeycomb during the cutting process. Anything around the 1/4" size is susceptible to not ending up on the final product. Sometimes smaller pieces make it and sometimes larger pieces don't. Its unfortunately something that does happen from time to time.

Why is the road/text engraving darker in certain spots?

This has to do with the focus distance of the laser. There is a very very narrow range between clean cuts and burnt edges. On thick wood or tile this is not an issue because the substrate is very flat. With the lake maps though 1/8" plywood is very prone to warping. Every attempt is done to help keep it flat during the cutting process using weights and magnets, but even 1/8" of a difference in height can be the difference between a clean cut and a char. It is a limitation of the laser and you can't fight physics.

Where are the street names on the small maps?

The street names are removed from the small maps because of physical limitations in size. At the small sizes the font ends up being too small to engrave legibly. Making the font bigger can clutter things up so its best to just remove it.

What is a French Cleat?

A French Cleat is a style of hanger where you have 2 pieces of angled wood pulling themselves together by gravity alone. They are very simple to level, very simple to install, and very simple to hang even large objects by yourself. Simply draw a straight horizontal line about where you want to hang the map, attach the wall cleat into a stud with drywall screws or using drywall anchors, put the map on the wall cleat, and then adjust left and right until it is exactly where you want it. The screw holes are counter sunk so there are no protruding screws and the cleats are flush with the frame of the map so there is no cant or tilt.

Can you put my logo/cabin/etc on a map?

Yes! We can put almost anything you want on the map as long as there is room for it. All orders with personalization will have a proof sent to you before it is cut. This ensures you are getting your customization exactly where you want it!


My lake is not listed

Email horndogmaps@gmail.com or go to the contact page with the lake name, county, and state/province, or send us a link to Google Maps and we will look into it.

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