Horn Dog Maps

Have a 3D map-related question? We have the answer. Check out these FAQs and give us a call today for more information!

How long does it take to receive my map?

Typically, it takes between two to three weeks to receive your 3D lake maps.

What is figured pine?

Figured pine, also known as blue stained pine or beetle kill pine, is gray/blue streaks that run through the boards. It is the result of beetles that kill the tree and a resulting fungus that spreads throughout the wood. Structurally, it has no ill effects and it causes no reaction in humans. It will also not spread to any other wood. It is safe and purely cosmetic. Every board is different. Some have knots, others have specks, and others are very figured. If you want figured pine 3D map wall decor, choose Horn Dog Maps for beautiful results.

According to Lake Hub, there are over 300 million lakes in the United States. Choose from our many options to find one near and dear to your heart.

What is the clear acrylic cover?

That is a sheet of clear acrylic that will go over the top of your lake map, sandwiched inside the frame. It is just like a piece of glass on a picture frame, and it will not crack or shatter during shipping. This will protect your 3D map wall decor and will also prevent dust buildup inside.

Why is my favorite island not on the finished product?

This is on a very per-case basis, but depending on the complexity of the lake and the size of the lake, some islands and humps are just not going to make it. Either they are too small and are burned away during cutting, or there is just not enough area for glue adhesion. They could also have fallen through the honeycomb during the cutting process.

Anything around the 1/4" size is susceptible to not ending up on the final product, in our professional experience. Sometimes, smaller pieces make it and sometimes larger pieces don't. It's unfortunately something that does happen from time to time with our 3D lake maps.