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Horn Dog Maps

Topographic Maps

Topographic Maps

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Topographic Maps

These topographic maps are made with multiple layers and then covered with a clear acrylic top layer. The roads, names, icons, and other information are engraved on the back side acrylic and are a frosty white while the surface remains smooth. The maps are then finished off with your choice of Black, Blue Stained Pine, Cherry, or Walnut. These maps are available in 3 sizes. 13"x19", 17.8"x26", and 26"x38". The total depth of the map including the frame is 1 5/8" deep.

Because of the nature of the chipboard used for the layers, it cannot be painted. Paint will cause warping which can affect the overall quality of the map.

If a lake is the focal point of the map, the "water" will be blue and contours and other lake information can be added.

The maps will be finished off with a french cleat on the back side to help assist with easy hanging. 

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