Friends of Horn Dog Maps

Friends of Horn Dog Maps

We don't go through this journey called life alone. Along the way you meet people who shape who you are and how you act as a person and a business. This page is dedicated to recognizing those who have made a positive impact over the years.

Some of these people I have met, others I have never interacted with at all. But in one way or another they have helped shape who I am.

Associations and Groups

Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association


I am an avid fisherman and a kayaker. This group is one of the most welcoming, generous, and overall fun fishing group I've ever run into. The Facebook page is always drama free and the events are always a good time. If you love kayak fishing and are in Minnesota definitely check them out.

Women Angler's of Minnesota


Horn Dog Maps is a proud sponsor of WAM, one of the oldest women's fishing organizations around. They do incredible things to give women a safe and open space for fishing.

Ladies Midwest Meetup

Ladies Midwest Meetup

LMM started as a small get together and has expanded into several trips a year with a lot of female anglers, both on the ice and open water. It was started in 2019 by Alicia Thompson from Wisconsin. It is open to any woman who wants to get more involved with the outdoors. They put on several ice fishing trips and open water trips every year


Natalie Dillon - Nattie Up North

Natalie Dillon

Natalie is an incredible personality in the fishing world. She started youtube in 2018 and since then has been on several international fishing trips, pro staff for several companies, Major League Fishing announcer, and more. But more important than all of that, she is an inspiration to everyone. Everyone needs to be subscribed to her YouTube and Instagram pages.



Nattie Up North Store


Ana Leschishin - Ana On Ice

Ana Leschishin

Ana is an on-screen personality for Outdoor Bound TV, blogger, and instagam superstar! It just shows that her true passion is fishing. She is also a big supporter of Women Angler's of Minnesota and helps to get women involved with the sport of angling.




Nicole Stone - Nicole Stone Outdoors

Nicole Stone

Nicole is also an on-screen personality for Outdoor Bound TV and can often be seen fishing with Ana. She also has her own blog and marketing company. The raw big-fish catching ability Nicole has is just jaw dropping. She is also a big supporter of Women Angler's of Minnesota and actively tries to help women get into the sport of fishing.






Alicia Thompson

Alicia Thompson

Alicia is the Founder of Ladies Midwest Meetup. She has put a lot of time and effort into turning the idea of getting women together to go fishing into something truly special. Every year more and more events are being put together and to hear the stories from some of the women who have been on these events is just incredible. 

Personal Instagram
LMM Instagram



Sand Point Lodge - Ontario Canada

Sand Point Lodge

My lodging list is short because we go to the same resort twice a year and have been doing so for the past 15 years. If you want to get on a lot of water and not be crowded go to Sand Point Lodge in Ontario Canada. It is just a short boat ride through Crane Lake in Minnesota, quick stop by Canadian customs, and then you're there. Anything you dream of is just a quick boat ride away. Walleye, Smallmouth, Largemouth, Pike, Lake Trout, Crappie, Sunfish, even the occasional Musky. All of it can be found here. Doug and Cindy Hall are the nicest and most accommodating hosts you will ever meet. 



Fishing Guides

All of these guides have put me on fish and have been just a blast to be out on the boat with.

Steve Foss Guide Service - Lake Trout - Ely Minnesota

Twin Cities Musky - Musky - All over MN and WI

Haasch Guide Service - Coho, King, Steelhead, and Lake Trout - Algoma, WI

Greg Gustafson - White Sturgeon - The Dalles, Oregon

Stahl's Guide Service - Walleye and Salmon - Columbia River Oregon/Washington



Twin Cities Maker

tc maker

Twin Cities Maker is a community workshop based out of Minneapolis. They are a non-profit organization that offers a small monthly membership in exchange for access to a full wood shop, metal shop, craft area, computer lab, etc. Without them this business would not exist.

Matt Cremona

Matt Cremona

Matt is a Minnesota based woodworker who is inspiring because when he faces a challenge, he literally builds the solution. He has built a very large bandsaw for milling, trailers for hauling logs, and just builds incredible furniture. His youtube channel is very informative to anyone looking to start or even seasoned woodworking veterans.

Jackman Works


Paul Jackman makes ridiculous pieces, usually from pallet wood. An 8 foot long utility knife, giant wooden hammer, giant screwdriver. The projects are absurd but at the same time they are pieces of art. He also has a very entertaining editing style. But what got me the most was a CNC map he did and he introduced me to a way extract maps into vectors which I use on all my maps. This small tip literally saves me hours per map.

Nate Marling - Marling Baits


Nate is a bait maker on YouTube. His skill, knowledge, and stupid cool airbrush abilites make for a good watch. He explains what he is doing at every step of the process and is not afraid to also show failures. That is how you grow. He inspired me to try my hand at making baits. I should probably leave it to the professionals...

Chris Jones - World's Worst Fishing

worlds worst fishing

Chris is a soft plastics bait maker based out of Florida. He is very talented and very creative when it comes to making different styles and colors of baits. He is also very methodical and explains what he is doing every step of the way. I haven't gotten into soft plastics yet but I would like to eventually. Give him a watch!



Omnia Fishing


Omnia is relatively new to the fishing industry but they are taking it by storm. They are not only doing the online/brick and mortar tackle retail route but they are innovating along the way. They have a shop by lake feature where you can pick a lake, species, and time of year and it will recommend some baits to try. They are also huge supporters of the outdoors and I know they sponsor the Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association, Women Angler's of Minnesota, and many other clubs. Most importantly and the real reason I have added them to this list. Their customer support is top notch unmatched by any other company I've ever dealt with. And what I have taken away from them is its the little things that matter. Every order with Omnia comes with a handwritten note. This stuck with me and every map I send out the door comes with a hand written thank you note.