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Big Sandy (Aitkin)

Big Sandy (Aitkin)

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Big Sandy lake in  Aitkin County, MN

The lake is considered fertile walleye ground with several habitat types, including the open main basin, the deep, cold eastern basin, and a shallow, more isolated south basin. Shallow bays containing dense beds of wild rice are found on south, west, and northwest sides of the lake.

Big Sandy Lake is a reservoir created in 1859 when the United States Army Corps of Engineers built a dam on the Sandy River. When the dam was built it included a lock to allow boats to travel out to the Mississippi River. The lock has since been shut down and the lock house has been turned into a Small museum containing local artifacts. Big Sandy Lake has three major tributaries; Sandy River, Prairie River, and Aitkin Lake Creek. Sandy River enters the lake from the south and empties back into itself after the Big Sandy Dam, on the northwest corner. Priaire River enters the lake from the east into Bill Horn Bay. Aitkin Creek enters the lake from the northwest, near the Big Sandy dam.


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