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Blackduck (Beltrami)

Blackduck (Beltrami)

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Blackduck Lake  in Beltrami County, Minnesota

Located in northern Minnesota €™s Beltrami County, Blackduck Lake enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a consistent walleye producer. Consequently, it €™s a popular angling destination that sees its fair share of fishing pressure, especially during the open-water seasons.

Stocking and natural reproduction both contribute to the lake €™s reliable walleye numbers and anglers generally experience better-than-average catch rates of €œeater size" walleyes €”fish in the 14- to 15-inch range. Fish surpassing 28 inches have shown up in DNR test nets, however, and once in a while at the end of a lucky angler €™s line. It €™s also known for producing XL yellow perch, as well as oversize bluegills and crappies, though the latter two species are present in low numbers.

At roughly 2,700 acres in size, Blackduck €™s deepest hole is just 28 feet. Thus, the lake is one of the first to warm up after the ice leaves in the spring. Its bottom is comprised of a mixture of sand, mud and rocks, while fish-holding structure and cover are plentiful.


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