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Hillsdale (Miami)

Hillsdale (Miami)

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Hillsdale Lake in Miami County, KS

Hillsdale Lake, located in Miami County, Kansas, is a picturesque reservoir covering approximately 4,500 acres, making it a significant recreational spot in the region. Situated southwest of the town of Hillsdale, it offers ample opportunities for fishing, boating, and swimming, drawing outdoor enthusiasts year-round. The lake is surrounded by Hillsdale State Park, which features numerous campgrounds, hiking trails, and picnic areas, providing a perfect setting for nature lovers and families alike. Wildlife watching is also popular here, with opportunities to spot various bird species and other native animals. With its serene waters and scenic surroundings, Hillsdale Lake is a beloved destination for both relaxation and outdoor adventure in eastern Kansas.

This  map has 8 layers


Small: 10"x10"

Medium: 14"x14"

Large: 18"x18"

Extra Large: 22"x22"

XX Large: 27"x27"

Gigantic 32"x32"


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