Vermilion (St. Louis) - horn-dog-maps
Lake Vermilion in St. Louis County, MN
Vermilion (St. Louis) - horn-dog-maps

Vermilion (St. Louis)

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Lake Vermilion in St. Louis County, MN

Lake Vermilion's boulder-strewn, rocky shorelines bordering forests of pine, aspen and birch give a truly northwoods character to this Canadian Shield lake. Vermilion gets its name from the French translation of the Ojibwe word Onamuni, which means lake of the sunset glow.

Located in St. Louis County with Tower and the Bois Forte community on the east and Cook on the west, Vermilion spans 39,271 acres, making it seventh among Minnesota's 10 Largest lakes. It stretches 37 miles end-to-end, has a maximum depth of 76 feet and boasts 365 islands and 341 miles of shoreline.

 *Photo is of Vermilion - Main lake product but the full lake will be made if this version is selected.


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